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Berkel Slicer – Model NS


Born in 1936, the Berkel NS is a small model. This is produced in small numbers and it is today considered a rarity by critics.

The carriage slides on rollers sidely guided by a rail, according to the same concept used on the model 20, patented in 1928; the feed mechanism has a trapezoidal worm screw, it is on view as well as the comb for the carriage feed. A lever is mounted on the comb to release the plate for fast return feeds.

Slice adjustment is made through a rod resting on a support at the side, where 14 settings can be selected. The machine is driven by the classic solid flywheel (over the years three types have been produced: a small smooth one, a large one with small thickness, and a medium concave one, similar to Model 9 kind). On it we find the ” V. Berkel patend” decal.

The blade, 300 mm in diameter, is mounted on the arched shoulder with a white opaline glass top. The sharpener is fixed on the metal bow that carries both the front and back blade guards; it has a different shape from classic sharpeners:  everything is mounted on the cap that acts both as a supporting structure and as a protection.

For true fans and collectors of such pieces, the NS model slicer is a real gem: faithfully restored by our craftsmen, it reflects the splendour it had originally.


Symbol of Berkel’s innovation

The well-known Dutch brand has made history in flywheel slicers, and has produced priceless pieces to date. The improvement of these types of slicers, has made visible the genius of company’s innovations.

The Berkel NS model was born on the basis of the NL model, but slightly reduced in dimensions; in fact, even if the base ist he same, the sliding guide of the carriage is 40mm shorter, as well as the carriage, having an useful capacity of 200mm instead of the 240mm of the NL.

By contacting us, you could discover the availability of the series in the catalogue and receive an antique slicer faithfully restored according to Berkel’s instructions. Our shipments arrive all over Italy and abroad.

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