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Buying a Berkel slicer

Purchasing a Berkel slicer

Have you ever thought how many investments are beautiful, useful and convenient at the same time?

Each vintage Berkel slicer is a jewel of technology and style that will not fade through the years. a jewel of technology and style that does not fade in time. It furnishes the home, shows its character, and its powerful functionality combine utility with pleasure.

Even today, Berkel’s historic flywheel slicers are considered unique and rare pieces by collectors all over the world. Owning such a machine means owning a true collector’s item.

If you are not sure where to buy a priceless decorative Berkel, visit our online catalogue! You will find there more information about the saling of slicers and scales restored models. In addition, you will have a free quote of the price of the item and of shipment, both in Italy and abroad.

Bring us your Berkel to be restored. We provide a 10 year guarantee on the repair of our slicer. It’s a safe and rewarding investment.


The Berkel brand as a synonym for quality

The Dutch brand founded by Wilhelm Van Berkel has made history of flywheel slicers in every way: promoting innovations and genius, Berkel represents a milestone in this sector.

The pieces produced in the various historical periods of this well-known company are to date collectors’ items of incredible beauty. At La Bottega del Restauro we take care of repairing and decorating vintage Berkel flywheel slicers by hand to give them back their former splendour: our interventions aim to faithfully reflect the models in their past appearance.

Contact us for more information and to receive a free quotation.

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