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Berkel Slicer – Model 3


Built in the period between 1918 and 1922, this manual model marks a turning point in Van Berkel models: it is a unique piece in its kind, with a renewed design and ingenious solutions. As far as sales are concerned, it is distributed in Italy by Back & Co. of Milan and by its various subsidiaries in the rest of the world. The machine has, for the first time, the sliding of the carriage on the pin and the flywheel driven movement of the floral type. The upper carriage carries the worm screw with a ratchet system to drive it against the screw thickness adjustment “clock”. The clamp to fix the product is mounted with the classic front rack and a new rapid system on a column at the rear. The sharpener is a chromium-plated box and has a new movement. The blade, 350 mm in diameter, is mounted on the round shoulder to which the metal glove box and the nameplate are attached, with differences according to the countries where it was purchased.

The Berkel branded model 3 is an absolutely innovative piece for its time. Restored by the skilful hands of our technicians, the model has a certificate of handcrafted authenticity; this brings each slicer to its original appearance and functionality.

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A century of history

Berkel’s Model 3 is a true symbol of innovation from the historic Dutch brand. Originally it was produced in ivory too; this slicer laid the foundations for all subsequent models, giving innovative ideas that will be taken up especially in the mechanical part, a crucial point for operation.

Our staff takes care of the restoration of the components of Berkel slicers, both in terms of the functioning of the model itself and the aesthetic part. We restore each vintage model to its splendour, and create an unmissable collector’s item for enthusiasts from all over the world.

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