New Wheel Slicers

OMAS Vintage

Sharpener essential and extremely easy to use. Double sharpening and honing action controlled by double pushbuttons.


Perfect blend of style, artisan craftsmanship, cutting edge construction techniques.



Essential and extremely simple to use. Double action sharpening and deburring driven by double buttons. No complications and no unnecessary cost of maintenance or spare parts. Hood of the same color of the machine protection.

Safety guide

Coplanar protection to the blade, double, for cleaning and sharpening in total safety useful as a reference plane and guide for the correct positioning of the product to be cut.


Also in this model the cleaning has become a simple operation. The large space between the blade and the slicer structure allow for easy cleaning, time and reduced effort guaranteeing a perfect hygiene. posamerce the dish and the holder plate equipped with teeth to hold the product can be removed so that they can be rinsed under the water jet.


Basic color Red tradition, Cream White, Black night. You can also decorate the Vintage version and the full version is not decorated, Omas can personalize your slicer as you wish!

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